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Skeletal Mesh Lighting Question

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    Skeletal Mesh Lighting Question

    I've got a problem with a skeletal mesh, in that it is in a room made of static meshes, but is being lit up by the dominate directional light (the sun) that is out side. All the static meshes in the room are in shadow or are lit by other point lights that I have put in, yet the skeletal mesh looks like it is sitting outside. Here's a video to show you what it looks like:

    I have to use a skeletal mesh here as the wings must be folded up inside. I've searched for posts for people that may of had the same problem, but it seems all I can find is people who could not get their skeletal meshes to light up at all. So I'm sort of tearing my hair out trying to figure this one out.

    Any suggestions?

    Okay, I've determined that it's the static meshes of the room that are causing this. Even though I have given the meshes (IE the walls, floor, ceiling) 2 sided materials, and have set "Cast Shadow As Two Sided" on each, the skeletal mesh is still being lit up by my sun outside.
    Further down a hallway, the door frame is made up of static meshes too, but are enclosed polygons (rectangles with 6 faces). THEY cast shadows on my skeletal mesh just fine. I get the same result if I put in one of the robot skeletal meshes that comes with UDK.

    Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be most welcome.


      Sounds like you need to place some mesh with the normals facing the domdir, iirc it will shine right through backfaces.


        That is what I was thinking, but the strange thing is: this room is inside a mountain. With the exception of two openings to walk through, it completely encloses the room, and it's normals are all facing outwards.

        The mountain terrain is not made with the terrain editor, but is a static mesh itself built in Max. I was thinking that I might have to go back to Max, and create "inside" faces to make the mesh enclosed. But that makes no sense at all to have to do that. The static meshes cast shadows just fine on other static meshes. But they won't cast shadows on any skeletal mesh.

        I keep thinking it's me doing something wrong, but I can't think of what, as I'm new to using skeletal meshes.