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Foliage Lighting Woes

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    Foliage Lighting Woes

    Hi all!

    So i've been repeatedly banging my head against a wall for the past two days trying to get my custom foliage model to light properly with the instanced foliage paint tools. Basically all I wanted to do is use a non-directional lighting mode and disable shadows on the foliage so that it will better blend in with the landscape materials at a later date (I dont want the grass to fade out to reveal big black baked in shadows!) The problem is, when using MLM_NonDirectional in the material settings it goes completely wonky when lighting is baked. At first I thought it was an issue with my mesh, but everything seems to be in order, and it bakes perfectly fine as a normal static mesh:

    This led me to believe there might be an incompatibility with using MLM_NonDirectional and the foliage instancing together, so I tried switching to MLM_Phong instead, and edited the mesh so that all of the normals point straight up (reproducing the same lighting effect) However the results were the same: worked perfectly as a normal static mesh, failed in instanced foliage mode.

    So far i've tried the following to try and fix it:
    • changed the lightmaps value in the mesh to 0 to try and force vertex lighting - but it ends up completely black using both NonDirectional and Phong
    • checked the lightmap uvs were ok - they were fine
    • tried automatically generating lightmap uvs in the static mesh viewer - no change

    EDIT: just tried it with just a normal cube - the issue is still there! Out of curiosity I then tried turning cast shadows back on in the static mesh properties and the lighting seemed to correct itself, so as far as i can tell it seems to be an issue with having shadow casting disabled. As a result this has left me completely stuck as I really need to be able to disable shadows on my foliage sprites!

    If anyone has run into this before I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer!


    This really needs to get fixed, our project is suffering from the exact same problem.


      Ok I downloaded the Previous build and the foliage lighting works so it seems to be an issue introduced in the July build of UDK. Guess im going to have to start over in the may build.