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Paintable with rain and snow

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    Paintable with rain and snow

    OK. I'm looking for a bit of help/pointers on a material. I have one set up but i want it to work better than it does. Currently its a bit demanding, but not sure if it matters as its going to be used a lot if i get it to work as i want.

    The material needs to do a few things.

    Base three textures should be paint-able. Say rock, covered in grass, with some soil down the sides. All blended with an alpha texture.
    Needs to have surface water for when it rains. So it looks like water is running down the rock, wall or whatever.
    And snow buildup. When it snows it covers the rock with snow. Perhaps with influence from the wind.
    And lastly, a paint-able wet look for when the object is next to water. Like in the Night & Day map.

    I just need to know if its worthwhile. Originally i had intended to use this material just for rocks, but it could be used for any outdoor material if used properly. I'm working on a largish world with lots of objects and this ONE material could be instanced to create an almost infinite variation of looks.

    So, here is what i have at the minute, its pretty old and doesn't really work 100% how i want.
    Complete image, zoomed out. Rain at the top is borrowed from the UDK showcase for now.
    Zoomed in, rain cut off from the top

    BTW, are there any easier ways to get a complete image of the material network?

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    hey bro can i have ur matrial tht u have shown in ur msg


      You can quite easily remake it. All the nodes ive put together are shown with all their values, and the part for the rain at the top comes with UDK anyway, so you can just copy and paste it from there and set it up as shown.