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Preventing defult packs from be overwriten - Saving, Copying materials...ect

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    Preventing defult packs from be overwriten - Saving, Copying materials...ect

    Sorry Monkey-666

    I removed my posts in this topic as well as the example links to comply with the rules of not posting alternative engines comparisons.

    I had missed that detail when I read the rules on my first day.
    Feel free to delete your posts as well, again I'm Sorry about that, it was just easier to delete the posts rather then editing each and every paragraph where I mentioned the other game.
    Note: If anyone has any questions with regard to the outcome of the title of this topic, Preventing default packs from being overwriten, just reply to this thread and I'll do my best to answer or I'm sure someone else will.

    Thank you.

    Let's see if i can explain this and make sense with it.

    You're pretty much spot on with creating a copy. The best thing to do is create a copy in a new package and then under whatever group you like (groups can be changed quite easily) This will indeed ensure that nothing vanilla is being overwritten. However, whatever textures are used in that material will still be referenced from their original location. Causing those packages to be loaded along side yours. Quite an easy solution, import your own similar textures or create copies of the textures into your package also.

    Raw data or assets, such as actual textures and models can be stored outside of the UDK folder altogether. They are used simply for importing, once their in you can move them without breaking anything. However, if you alter the original file when its in the same location you imported it from, you will be able to re-import it without having to browse for wherever you moved the file too if you did. Something to bare in mind.

    But yeah, otherwise, all your packages and map files are best saved inside the "UDKGame/Content" folder. Personally I'd also create a folder inside the content folder for all of your stuff. Helps keeping things organized.

    Hope this helps and is clear enough for you ! And good luck


      Also, one thing i thought I'd mention. After you've created your map with resources from various packages. You are free to move the packages around and map files without breaking any references, so long as they aren't re-named.

      So say you saved all your maps in U"DKGame/Content/Maps", but you then wanted to move them to your own project folder "UDKGame/Content/Yourgame/Maps". That would be fine. Same goes for your packages too.

      And yeah, its pretty impressive what you can do with it. UT3 isn't even worth it. You can make new game modes and maps and the like, but with UDK you can make pretty much anything.


        Not at all. Quite new to this whole thing to be completely honest. And i know what you mean with things looking, more defined maybe, in other games. Not quite sure what it is, only thing i can think of is the lighting. But im no expert.