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Problems rolling egg-shaped kActor

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    Problems rolling egg-shaped kActor

    Hi! I'm currently working on a sidescroller project that involves an egg-shaped KActorSpawnable that's rolling down the side of a mountain.

    I have the actor itself rolling, but the problem is the way movement is display. It doesn't always roll properly (sometimes it will slide more than it rolls).
    I'm wondering if anyone can give me some clues on how to change the friction of the actor through unrealscript? Will lowering friction make it glide instead of rolling? Does anyone have a better solution?

    Part of the problem could be that the egg's rolling movement is constrained to the Y and Z axes to avoid it rolling of the edge. The mesh is using a static mesh as a base, but can I still affect only parts of the mesh (for example, if the egg is standing upright, adding more weight to the top in order to make it topple)?

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      You can create a physical material on your content browser

      Density – This is the weight, the smaller the number the more easy it will be to move it.
      Friction – Lowering this number will reduce the friction the object has. A low value will make the object behave as if it is on ice, gliding around.
      Impact and Slide Effect – What particle effect to play when the object crashes into something or glides around.
      Impact and Slide ReFireDelay – The length of the delay between each Impact or Slide event.
      Impact and Slide Sound – The sound to play for these events.
      Impact and Slide Threshold – How sensitive it is. How likely it is to activate these events as it moves around.
      Restitution – How much the object bounces. A value of 1.000000 would make it behave as a gummy ball.

      You can apply a Physical Material by entering it in the PhysMaterialOverride property, found in the properties of the KActor in the sections DynamicSMActor – StaticMeshComponent – Physics.


        Thanks a lot - did a few changes to the physicalmaterial now and it helped a lot