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Actors in a map "not being on the same level"

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    Actors in a map "not being on the same level"

    I've been asked to fix a map and add some jumps and stuff.

    I added a bunch of Interp Actors to turn into moving platforms and when I went to group them together, I got the following error:

    Can't group the selected actors because they are in different levels.

    I only have one UMAP file loaded. The movers are all in close proximity of each other.

    Help please? My Google-Fu has failed me.

    Can't say for sure but from that error message I'd say you do in fact have more than one level active and to make sure, select all your meshes there, right click, go to "Level" and make it part of the same level. Then try again, if it works, you do have multiple levels as part of that "scene".


      Thank you for the reply!

      I checked the content browser and stuff was divided into multiple levels. I don't recall ever manually changing the level which is why how these movers all got split up is really confusing.

      Working with other people's maps can be...interesting at times. ^^;;;