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Round and curved modular creation

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    Round and curved modular creation

    Hey guys,

    I couldn't find too much on modular creation in regards to round and curved static meshes. Does anyone have any tips or tutorials they can point me in the right direction to.

    I understand the concepts of basic modular map creation. (I just have to get better with Maya since the last time I used a level editor everything was basically BSPs.) What I'm having a hard time with is planning out anything with a curve.

    For instance, lets say I have a castle tower that is basically a cylinder. Would the best way to create a modular setup involve me creating a piece that is the diameter and height I want with one doorway and then another that is closed in? I i could see this working if i were to stack these pieces as necessary. Are there better or easier ways?

    Same thing if you're wanting to make curved hallways or domed ceilings.

    Thanks guys,


    Sorry, just going to bump one time in case anyone has any tips and tricks for this situation.


      This should help you out with some of the issues or questions that you have. It has some pretty good information on how he did his designs. I believe he used 3dMax though so you may need to adjust for Maya. Hope it helps.


        Thanks, sir.