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bsp custom brush parameters and triangulation software

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    bsp custom brush parameters and triangulation software

    Hello All,
    I am making a section of a castle wall as a brush its isn't that complicated but it is worth doing as I am going to have a lot of it.
    This is also my first custom brush so I really want to feel like I understand it.
    I don't own maya or max and so from the start I know this is going to be a battle.
    My preferred program is sketchup run through ultimate unwrap 3d to get it into an ase file.

    My 2 problems are that I have massive triangulation issues with sketchup, I don't think it is a true modelling piece of software. For example the faces are divided up into long thin triangles and this gets reflected in the default material being both without a good scale and rotation. So I am giving up on sketch up unless someone comments otherwise.

    Has anyone created a custom bsp successfully with any other software program other than max or maya?

    Can you create a custom bsp from within UDK?

    many thanks for your responses.

    Sketch-up is NOT for games. If you choose to accept that your life will become easier

    You can ONLY create BSP's inside UDK. (That's what the red builder brush is for). You can also create static meshes FROM BSP brushes, but it's very ill-advised to do so.


      Look into Blender. It's a free alternative to Max and Maya that you can use to make static meshes. Don't try to create a whole level with BSP because it will most likely run terrible.