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Trigger activation in an accurate order

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    Trigger activation in an accurate order

    Hi everybody,

    I'm working on tribute map for tomb raider, and I have a puzzle that requires to activate 4 lever in an accurate order, 1-2-3-4. The problem is that I don't know how to do.

    If you can help me that will be great.

    Thank you all.

    If I had to do that, I would use unrealscript to create my special Kismet action doing all the stuff : 4 inputs (one for each lever) and 1 output (triggered when the 4 levers have been activated in the right order).
    If you don't want to use Unrealscript, and only basic kismet classes, it is also possible, but a little more complicated (a lot a stuff for a very simple behavior, that's why I don't use basic kismet classes much...).

    Whatever the solution you choose, all you need is one thing : an int value (lets call it nextLever) to know what lever you are waiting to be activated. You initialize nextLever to 1. When a lever is activated, if it is the good lever (ie lever number == nextLever), then you increment nextLever, if it is not, you reset nextLever to 1. When nextLever reaches 4, the sequence has been successfully completed.


      What do you know, I just helped a guy with the exact same issue.

      Here is what I threw together, as an example; or you can simply copy it, if you like.


        Thank you guys, I've try your kissmet example and it's works fine.