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Landscape LOD problem

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    Landscape LOD problem

    I'm having a problem with my level where it seems to be prematurely LODing the landscape both in editor (While editing) and while playing too. Below is an image of it occuring. While it mostly takes place on the right side of the screen it does happen all over the place. (But mostly the right side) I am running July 2012 Beta with 64 bit DX 11. I've tried the 32 bit and it's the same thing.

    I've recently changed the game I'm working on from November 2011 to the July 2012, and I upgraded from a terrain map to a Landscape using the editors conversion tools. Though I doubt its relevant.
    Please assist me as soon as possible, I'm on a deadline that's rather short.

    I think I solved the problem myself, will close the post if I can figure it out lol.

    The solution was to reposition the landscape, I read elsewhere that if it isn't centered it will cause some problems. So I shifted it in one axis and it has fixed it almost entirely. I just wish I knew more.