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combine meshes/faces for texturing?

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    combine meshes/faces for texturing?

    hey guys, I have an incy wincy little problem that I just can't get my head around.

    I have this:

    I've used the brush tool to subtract half a sphere. problem is it leaves loads of little faces left that I was wondering if I could join them up together?
    I've tried selecting all of them (control click takes SOOO long) and then right clicking and adding a texture but just an example of what I'm doin I get this:

    it, doesn't look very good, at all.

    so I hope I'm explaining it alright, I want to know is there anyway you can join these faces together and smooth them out ? (so one big face to put one texture on, rather than loads of little ones)

    You really, really shouldn't try doing this kind of thing using brushes.
    You're meant to do this in a third party modeling program.


      Use static meshes instead of BSP, bsp is slow and ONLY used for blocking out levels.


        Use static meshes instead of BSP, Like TheAgent said, its much easier to use static meshes, becuase you can scale them in any shape you want, without having to type the correct units, plus it will make your level run slow if you have too many BSP brushes, becuase i have made that mistake in the past!