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Activate KActors with a trigger?

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    Activate KActors with a trigger?


    I want to build a trap in UDK which gets activated when the Player touches a Trigger.

    This trap is supposed to be a pile of rocks on a cliff above the players path.Those KActors (the rocks) should fall down when the player touches the trigger.

    How can I do that?Because I cant find a function which activates the Physics of KActors in Kismet on demand or something smiliar.

    All the best,


    I believe you can use impulse actors to wake up kactors. Just have the impulse actor toggled off on level load and use the trigger to toggle it on. If that doesn't work, you could have them set to be awake on startup and use a hidden mesh as a wall to block them from falling off, then use the trigger to destroy or move the hidden mesh.


      In your kissmet windows, just link the touch output of your trigger to the set physics box (Action, Physics, set physic) and select Falling as new physic.
      When the player pass through the trigger, the pile of rock will fall.


        May not be a good idea to do it this way. Physics Actors are un-predictable, so you'd be better off creating a custom mesh with an animation that get's triggered instead, and create a blocking volume.


          Bring in your entities. Convert to Kactor. Set the physics to None. Start kismet add your trigger event on touch to a set physics (new physics - rigid body) and put your Kactors as the variable. Like someone said, becareful, physics can get unpredictable.