Hey guys. I'm a teacher assistant over at my university, and I have a few students who are interested in learning how to create a large piledriver for their levels; so that eventually they can later on implement the techniques for other uses. Well, I built the scene, but before I show it to them I was wondering if I could have any suggestions on optimization with this? I'm still somewhat new to Unreal, and I've never really attempted complete optimization with a level; I've only recently begun looking at demonstrations on how to use the built in tools.

Here is my kismet setup:

And here is the scene in general:

I have it set up in a template level, so that whenever the students follow along in the demonstration, they can later on exchange the objects and plug in their own assets. My major concern is over whether or not this would be the best method in doing it? Also, I had attempted to use a RB_radialforce to give the impression that there was a slight shockwave at the point of impact with the hammer and ground, but I could never get it to actually push the player away from the object. I tried cuing it with a trigger, and having it turned on from other assets. It would push KActors, but not the player.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks