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Landscapes texture painting error

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    Landscapes texture painting error

    So i started to paint textures on my landscape. i've made the material and then they all painted fine but then i wanted to change my dirt texture in the material editor for another but then when i painted it. it went all low res like this

    Click image for larger version

Name:	landscape error.jpg
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    the resolution of that texture is 1600x1600 PNG

    is because it needs to be bigger or it is because of my texture type

    Check the tiling in your material. Also 1600x1600 is not a power of two, use 1024² or 2048².


      im knew to materials and textures so how do you check your tiling in materials


        Use a terrain coordinate node attached to the UV input of a texture node and adjust the U and V tiling properties to scale the texture.

        And yes, change the texture to a power of 2 and not 1600 x 1600. It will give you tons of problems if you don't.


          ok thanks guys if i need any more help i'll ask