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[fixed] problem with the rewind of a matinee

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    [fixed] problem with the rewind of a matinee

    hi, i'm trying to add some camera moves to my main menu, to let it look more dynamic, at the moment is working in the right way, but it has a little bug at the end of the matinee.

    i need the camera move when the player push for example "single levels button" and the camera needs to remain in the final position of the matinee sequence because i want the play reverse when the player push the "back" button.

    now the two animation are playing fine, but the problem is when the player hit "single levels" the camera plays and when the matinee arrives to the end it rewind, don't know why, but it will rewind, it has uncheck the rewind option in kismet, but dont know why it keep rewind.

    here is a picture of my kismet with the matinee properties


    and here is the code that i'm using from unrealscript to call the remote event

    function TriggerRemoteKismetEvent( name EventName )
    	local array<SequenceObject> AllSeqEvents;
    	local Sequence GameSeq;
    	local int i;
    	GameSeq = WorldInfo.GetGameSequence();
    	if (GameSeq != None)
    		// find any Level Reset events that exist
    		GameSeq.FindSeqObjectsByClass(class'SeqEvent_RemoteEvent', true, AllSeqEvents);
    		// activate them
    		for (i = 0; i < AllSeqEvents.Length; i++)
    			if(SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents[i]).EventName == EventName)
    				SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents[i]).CheckActivate(WorldInfo, None);
    any body can help me to figure out why my matinee keep rewind when it reached the end ?

    thanks in advance for all the help.

    if someone need this solution, i fixed the problem using another matinee with a small loop for the camera at the end of the track.

    hope this help someone.