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Lighting inside a giant Box - Light everywhere without light source - Possible?

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    Lighting inside a giant Box - Light everywhere without light source - Possible?


    I am building my first level, and worked through many of the tutorials including the creating a level tutorial, but it would be great to know if this is possible:

    I would like the level to be lit up and not be pitch black even if there is no lighting. Any suggestions? This is an essential aspect of my game idea.

    I will be adding lights to the level to further brighten up certain areas (which I can do), would these be affected?

    Any suggestions and words of wisdom are welcome.

    EDIT: The level is inside a giant 'box', and I updated the thread title to show this



    you can add a SkyLight and if you set it up properly it will light everything uniformly like an ambient light


      Hey Chosker! Sorry I forgot to add that the level is inside a giant box. Am I right in thinking that the Skylight would have no effect?


        You are wrong - however skylights are not particularly good for lighting. What you're looking for is environment colour in the world properties, which is where you can define your most-shadowed lighting colour (i.e ambient light).


          Thanks Ambershee! I have so much to learn I will have a poke around in that area and see what I can come up with. Thank you both for your time!


            No problem. If I'm not mistaken environment colour is now hemispherical as of the latest build (with two colours), so SkyLights would now be completely useless.