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    Can any one tell me were I can go on-line to take some kine of
    school that will teach me from the beginning of UDK, so I can build
    the game and levels the way I like to build them? I know this isnt a
    toppic for this area so bair with me, I dont know were I should ask
    this kine of question. Thanks for under standing and hope some of those
    who knows this software pretty well could give me advice that could
    get me started like they did to understand UDK. Thank you.

    I'm probably stating the obvious as you seem to have been using UDK longer than me, but I cannot recommend the UDK video tutorials enough! If you have seen them then please excuse me

    You can find them here:

    I've also noticed that Eat3D do some good tutorials as well:

    Good luck!