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urgent! playerstart not usable, blocks half the level [SOLVED]

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    urgent! playerstart not usable, blocks half the level [SOLVED]

    I've been trying to search for answers since I got this problem two hours ago, nothing on it, I was hoping some good samaritan would help me so I can pass this game design exam (today), because no matter what I do the problem won't go away.
    Basically what I think may have caused the issue is that my original playerstart got messed up somehow, I was in the process of making a checkpoint system for my game-demo and as I rebuilt the paths seemed to stretch miles away from my actual level, I can't scale it down, fix it with pathnodes, delete it and add another playerstart and rebuild, nothing I've tried works, it's like my (now ghost) of my original playerstart exploded and created a blocking volume that stretches across half my level. I've even tried going back to aurosaves hours before I supposedly did what caused it and it persists somehow.

    I want to know if anyone else have encountered this issue, and how to fix it without redoing everything, please, it's very urgent

    I apologize, apparently a collision mesh on one of my static meshes went bananas and blocked half the level.
    protip: top-left part of viewport -> show -> advanced -> object collision (or ALT+C)
    again I'm sorry, I panicked, this thread is deletable