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Custom Collision with FBX format???

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    Custom Collision with FBX format???

    Hi, guys I'm trying to export a model in Maya with 2 Collision Primitive boxes combined as one and named accordingly, UCX_(main mesh name). But when I import that into UDK as .FBX file, the collision shows only 1 Primitive for collision, and doesn't give the desired collision shape.

    However, If I try to do the same from 3Ds Max in .ASE format, it gives my a proper output, i.e., 2 Collision Primitives and the desired collision shape with them.

    Can someone guide me as to what should I do to get this result with FBX export???


    For FBX, combining collision primitives usually doesn't work so well.

    What I do is use multiple 6 sided primitives and name them accordingly. Say you have a mesh named "Crates" that uses multiple primitives for collision. Just name them UCX_Crates_01 and UCX_Crates_02 and export them all together.