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Dominant directional shadow acts all funky.

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    Dominant directional shadow acts all funky.

    So. I'm building this level that has only _one_ DominantDirectional light which is connected to matinee. I'm gradually adding to the light multiplier as the character proceeds, so the light is dynamic and static affecting. Despite having only one light my pawn's shadow acts like there is several lightsources. ( for example. Shadow spins around the player character while moving and sometimes it just disappears.)

    Can anyone explain to me why this happens?

    I'm using lightmass and my settings aren't extreme. The light multiplier goes from 0.05 to 2.5 and that's pretty much all it does. ( otherwise the settings are pretty much basic. Added some to lighting scale. Also shadows are modulated. ) I'm pretty sure this is something ridicilously easy, but I'm just missing it completely.


    Seriously guys. No one knows why this happens? Not even any speculation or theories about it?