Hey everyone. Things seem to be more tricky than it was planned to be, I'm struggling massively with the AI of the bots (which will take role as a zombie who is target at you, not roaming around), but things seem harder than expected:

- The bot spawns, yet with the error that the node it's directionised to spawn at (a pathnode) has no handler.
- The bot doesn't seem to move correctly, even with the old methode I used to move a bot (move to actor connected to the Actor Factory).
- The bot doesn't go to me once in the same location.
- The trigger attached to the player doesn't respond to a present bot. I've set it to read the UTbot pawn type, but doesn't work in any way
- I can't seem to let the bot add 10 points to an Int counter (which is being used as score) once it has been killed.

can someone help me on those things:
- Move the bot correctly and let it home for the player (so it continiously chases the player, even if it moves)
- Let the INT counter add 10 points once the bot has been killed
- Let the trigger read the bot's presence and take off 50% of my life automaticly