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Change Scripts for One Map

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    Setup different gametypes.

    You don't create fucntionality in .ini files.

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  • started a topic Change Scripts for One Map

    Change Scripts for One Map

    I am not new to UDK but I am new to using unrealscript to change functions of the game.

    One thing I was wondering was how to change some settings for just one map.

    Like, for one game, I want to add a sprint function, so I go into the files and change them so that you can sprint. But what if I don't want a sprint function on another map? Wont the changes made to the .ini files (I think) put a sprint function in any map that is made in UDK? Or is there a way to create separate files that only that map can use?

    I'm asking because I want to work on a few ideas at a time, and I'm getting down to the point in them where I need to begin scripting and don't want the scripts from one project affecting another.

    If someone could tell me how, or link me to a tutorial on this that I have not been able to find, please do.

    Thanks in advance.