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CanBlockCamera ? useless?

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    CanBlockCamera ? useless?

    Hi I have made a custom static mesh asset (a barbwirefence) it has UBX_collision so it can block the player pawn, but (my game is 3rd person) I was wanting the fence to Not block the camera.
    so I Unchecked the canblockcamera checkbox in the mesh properties box . but it doesnt do anything, makes no difference at all.

    I am using a custom pawn and camera class setup, maybe I need to add a line of code somewhere or something?
    Anyone have any ideas? ?

    So I have been trying to work this out. just though i would bump this up in hopes that i am not the only person who has this problem (how to have an object with collision to allow the camera to pass through it). At this point I just want to know if its a glitch or error or something.
    I am guessing I gotta extend me camera class, maybe somehow put a tag on the object in question or.... anyway thanks for reading see you on another thread.