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    Questions for Survival game project

    Hey everyone.

    I've decided to pick up my zombie project again, but some points aren't clear for me yet and there are some things I don't know yet.

    First of all, I'm planning to do something about the Health of the player. I need a few things about it:
    1: How can I let the player automaticly heal with a rate of 10% each second?
    2: As soon as a bot draws near in an attached trigger, the health of the player must be dropped by 50%. How can I let the trigger respond to any bot, instead of the player?
    3: I want to let a special effect read the health bar. For example, if the health drops below 20%, I want the entire screen suddenly become transparant red, which fades out slowly. How can I let the HP bar give off a pulse as soon it drops below a specified ammount, and how can I create the effect I described before? (I've tried it with a post-process volume, yet there it has the same fade-in/out.)

    Secondly, there must be a bit of a scoring system. Now, I want a counter that tracks the points scored by the player.
    4: I've managed to make a counter, that's one step! Now, I also found out how I can let certain easy events add points to it, that's two! Now only one problem, how can I let the counter add 10 points each time I kill a bot?
    5: How can I make the counter variable be visible on the player's screen, so the player can see how many points he has?

    now the game must end as well as soon the player dies.
    6: I've browsed the kismet but I couldn't find an action that ends the game. How can I make an action that stops the game?
    7: As soon the player dies, I don't want it to respawn, rather I want a small cutscene that plays, followed by the action in point 6.

    Well, for now these are all the questions I have to carry on at this point. I hope someone can help me out. Luckily, no camera-angle messing this time =).

    For a clearer demonstration of a plan, please look below:

    In this picture, zombies hunt you down spawning on point 1 and 2. Also, notice some other things:
    - Trigger 1 functions as the ammunition location. Displayed below the small map, this weapon purchase must cut off 500 points, and even checks in advance if you have sufficient credits.
    - Trigger 2 is the obstacle. Same as trigger 1, it checks and cuts off 1000 credits. Once paid, the animation is going to start and on the end a particle system will play and Blocking Volume (B.v.) 3 will toggle off, making it possible to pass through.
    - Trigger 3 and 4 are tricky ones; they suffice as a barricade. If one of the sides activate the trigger, a debug bool is put in to prevent it suddenly being repaired while it's being deconstructed, or reversed. Note that the player still can take damage even if they are behind the obstacle. Once the barricade has been destroyed, the closest Blocking Volume will toggle off and zombies can pass. If the player is at a destroyed obstacle, it repairs automaticly and adds 50 points to the counter.


      someone sent me in PM a nice guide how to make the counter. Only 2 simple questions about the counter remain!


        Instead of doing you Kismet in Paint why not do it directly in Kismet?

        A counter is -Add int node- +1 every second
        Variable A can start as 0
        Variable B can be 1
        It outputs into Variable A
        Viola a counter.

        Or you could use the Counter node...


          Thanks for repeating the very one thing I already announced I knew so far.

          the reason why I did it in paint, is that at the moment of the creation of the thread, I had no acces to my UDK at that point.


            Oh yea sorry,

            I misunderstood because

            someone send me in PM a nice guide how to make the counter. /= someone sent me in PM a nice guide how to make the counter.

            In english that makes a huge difference in the meaning of the sentence

            Show us your kismet.


              just one question

              Why not use unreal script?


                alva, I have 0% experience in script.
                Further, care to explain me, HOW am I supposed to write a unreal script sequence if I don't know WHAT I should write?


                  i strongly suggest learning unreal script rather than using Kismet


                  Using unreal script its far a more better way if you dont like someting then you can easly change it and if a error comes its easier to fix

                  in the above link you got the basics of unreal script i think its enough to get yourself started

                  for the first thing you asked Theres an example of a pawn with regenerative health in the UDN


                  Now for the score system you need an variable to score the player points and a function to increase / decrease it as example

                  xxxplayercontroller extends UTPlayerController
                  var int PlayerScore // current score of the player
                  function IncreaseScore(int Amount) // just a random function that allows to increase the player score
                  PlayerScore += Amount;
                  // so later you can do someting like IncreaseScore(999999);


                    It has been proven multiple times that everything can be made without unreal script.

                    But I now need to know a few things more:
                    - How can I let the counter be visible on the screen
                    - How can I let the counter add 10 (or more) each time I kill a bot
                    - How can I let the game end after a cutscene
                    - How can I let a trigger respond to bots only

                    Only those four and I can carry on for some weeks.