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Projectile Collision on pickup static meshes

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    Projectile Collision on pickup static meshes

    Hello everyone,

    im new to this forum and so am i to the UDK. Im playing around with UnrealScript for some days now and im currently facing a question where i just done seem to find the answer to. As i bet its an easy one i'd like to ask here shortly.

    When i have a plain new level, switch to UTGame as GameInfo and just add a new static pickup mesh (StaticMesh'Pickups.UDamage.Mesh.S_Pickups_UDamage ') to the level, why is it that i can shoot right through the mesh with a weapon ? On other meshes without collision models (like StaticMesh'FoliageDemo.Mesh.RockMesa_06') it does work - weapon projectiles stop at collision.

    I just can't figure why that is. I copied/renamed that mesh but no difference. Yet when i export the mesh, reimport and reassign the materials from the original to it, it does work. In the properties of the mesh or the actors in the levels i can't find any difference. I just can't find the settings that controls if it should collide with projectiles or not. The propery UseSimpleLineCollision is enabled..that was my first guess.

    I'd appreciate if someone would help me out here. Its kinda irritates me

    Thanks alot,