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Attaching Triggers

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    Attaching Triggers

    My question is short and to the point...

    Is it possible to attach a trigger to an interpolation Actor?

    It needs to be moving up and down with the interp actor, and has a sequence when touched. Non of this currently works and the only way through properties to get this done doesn't work.
    Can someone please help me and instruct me into how I go about doing this. Thank you

    Yeah you can, you just need to use a DynamicTriggerVolume and then use "attach to actor" in kismet.


      Thank you for your reply. I'll give that a shot but I've got some other ways around that problem currently. Thanks again


        Triggers can attach just fine, go to the trigger properties -> attachment -> base = your interpactor


          OHh what, really Jetfire? I must have been trying to attach the interpActor to the trigger instead of that way, I was getting an error. Thank you very much!


            Make sure when you bring up the properties to use the lock so you can properly select the right interpactor. This way you wont open up the properties of the trigger instead.


              Thank you for the help guys. Extra thanks to Jetfire, for helping me out side the post.

              For people that still couldn't get this to work and found an error. I also found another way through;

              View > Browser Windows > Attachments

              Once the Attachment Box opens, select the first object, and press the + button just below the first menu tab [Docking], at the top of the box. Repeat with the second object.

              This will give you two boxes with their names attached, for example;

              InterpActor_0, and Trigger_0.

              Connect the object you wish to be attached, by selecting the little black box, and connect it to the object you wish to attach it to by holding down your mouse and dragging it to the other box that it will connect to.

              It doesn't hurt to experiment with this by doing this selection in a different sequence. Because sometimes it wont seem to do what you thought would happen.

              I hope this helps anyone with the same issues that couldn't get the first few posts to work.