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Moving Rigidbody Spawner

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    Moving Rigidbody Spawner

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to create a moving Rigidbody spawner. At the moment I have an InterpActor that moves as it should around my map, and this should be the source of the Rigidbody spawn. The InterpActor should, when responding to user input, stop moving and spawn a Rigidbody. However at present it does indeed stop moving, but the Rigidbodies do not spawn in the correct place.

    I am currently using a pathnode to spawn the rigidbodies from, which I have attempted to hard attach to the InterpActor. However the pathnode refuses to move from it's initial starting position, I'm guessing because pathnodes aren't supposed to move at all?

    I have found that I can use a few different actors as rigidbody spawn points (but not the InterpActor itself, annoyingly!) So my question is what actor should I be using to spawn the rigidbodies, and how would I attach that actor so that it follows the InterpActor's animations around my level?

    Also I'm useless with code so any way to do this in kismet would be very much appreciated!

    UPDATE - Just tried attaching a pointlight movable to the InterpActor, and the light won't move, perhaps my problem is with the attachment? As far as I can tell everything in the attachment was as it was supposed to be.



    Fixed it now, I just attached them in kismet. DUH.