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RPG style quests in UDK

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    RPG style quests in UDK

    Hey everyone...

    THis is my first post so i hope i have posted this in the correct thread.

    I come from a cad and animation background. I love gaming and have recently decided that i want to build a simple borderlands style game. I chose UDK not only because i read that it was the best engine and that borderlands was made using it, but because it has scaleform implemented and I am quite good at using flash.

    So what i want to know is...

    is it possible to create quests using the KISMET? or do u have to use unreal script.

    are there any tutorials on making quests?

    by quest i mean... interact with an npc that gives you a quest... u then go complete the quest and recieve an award. like the quests in borderlands.

    any help with this would be really appreciated.



    There's no reason why it couldn't be done in Kismet. The general Fedex (go places, touch TriggerVolumes), kill x enemies (have a integer increase by 1 every time an enemy dies) etc. are fairly easy to create in Kismet, then just use the Actor factory to create the rewards. The difficult part is to create the HUD with quest text and objectives completed but you can look into Hourences page here.


      thank you for your reply it was very helpfull