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Can this be done

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  • Can this be done

    Hi all
    I am wondering if this can be done,I would like to have my builder brush shaded before it is built, so that when useing it I can see when it's intersecting terrain,meshes etc , it would speed up the workflow heaps if you dont have to keep checking in orthographic views all the time to line stuff up.
    Wonder if Epic would add this feature
    Can this be done via script?

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    Thats not possible because the brushes do not show geometry until placed and built. You would still have to check multiple angles anyway if it was visible before placing it to make sure parts of it that you cant see in your perspective view aren't intersecting. Orthographic views are way more precise than eyeballing it in the perspective view so I can't really comprehend why you wouldn't continue to use the orthographic views.


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      If you plan on replacing the brushes with actual meshes later you could always just use the cube mesh in the content browser and scale it to your needs. Do that then you'll see just how useful the orthographic views really are.


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        In geometry mode, while your (builder) brush is selected, it will have a semi-transparent shader on it for just this purpose. Top-right button on the sidebar.


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          Thanks jetfire I was working in level Coloration mode all week and it was really hard to see, but yeah it is there..... should have checked better before I posted .
          @ JesseG. I merely asked if this could be done... and it can and has, I dont need a lecture on the way I choose to work everybody who works in the industry professionally has there own preferred way of working and mine is in perspective and has been for 15 years
          Anyway the question is mute, as it is there .

          Moderator please delete post


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            It wasn't a lecture. Orthographic views are still useful, and every professional I know uses them for precise placement a lot. I didn't know that perspective only was the way you've worked for years so please don't take it like I'm telling you what to do. I simply stated my opinion on the matter, but if you work better without orthographic views, more power to ya.

            And honestly I didn't know that option was variable to turn on in UDK either so I learned something new as well.