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Extending Unreal 2004 from current UDK release

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    Extending Unreal 2004 from current UDK release


    Since my colleagues and me are having a great time playing unreal 2004 in our lunch break, I would like to create a few Multiplayer maps, player textures and, if possible, weapons for the game.

    I have already taken a few UDK tutorials to get in touch with modelling CSG / BSP, basic lighting and texturing and have a very small set of 3DS Max skills, which will suffice for what I intend to do with UDK (in general, independent from the UT 2004 stuff).

    Now I would be extremely happy if I could create a UT2004 Map from UDK, which is way more usable than the editor that comes with UT2004. Is there any chance to get this working?

    Please note that I'm a newbie on this topic, so don't tear me apart for saying something weird =)



    You can't do that. If you want to create UT2004 maps you'll have to use the old editor.

    The engine changed way to much between that version and the current UDK to be able to port it back. It is still based on the same principles though, so experience in the old one will help you with working in the new one and the other way around.


      It's possible in theory, but you are still going to have to touch the ut2004 editor eventually to make sure it's compatible. I would recommend simply watching a lot of youtube videos and getting familiar with the ut2004 editor. Unreal editors don't differ a whole lot from one another.


        this might help you a little

        i used this on one of our old UT2004 maps which worked well but not perfect, remember the copywrite rules while your doing it


          Originally posted by Ray Jones 312 View Post
          It's possible in theory
          It's not really; the only thing that carries over are brushes, and you still have a lot of work to do just to get them into UT2004. You're better off just building the brushes in UT2004s editor.


            Thanks, all, for your kind replies! I will use the ut2004 uedit then! Thanks again for the links!