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    Making a Portfolio

    Hey guys,

    I'm starting over with UDK, used to work with Hammer (Source Engine).

    Any idea what I should put in my level to show a good understanding of UDK? (For portfolio purposes)

    Basically for Hammer SDK I had

    - Level Design layout using BSPs
    - Lightning
    - Character pre set animation (Half Life 1/2)
    - Effects
    - Skyboxes
    - Triggers/ Scripting
    - Sounds.
    - Messing about with enemy AI, health values
    - Physics

    so basically, everything except from creating my own models or messing about with the code.

    UDK is missing a moddable game I guess, unless there is a good unreal game that I can buy for the assets.

    What are you making your portfolio for? Level Design? Scripting?


      UDK IS your moddable game . You can take something like unreal tournament and transform it into whatever u want to, as all the source files needed for it are in there if I'm not mistaken