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Overlapping UVs in Stock UDK Mesh

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  • Overlapping UVs in Stock UDK Mesh

    Greetings. I'll preface this with the fact that I'm new to UDK, having been comparing UDK and other apps and finally deciding on UDK because I like the interface a lot more, and it outputs some fantastic results.

    Now, I've been wading through tutorials, and now that I've got a level roughed out, I'm going around and adding "flavor" to the level by using some of the static meshes that are included with UDK. When I rebuild my level, I am getting the UDK error "object has overlapping UVs" or something to that effect (I'm at work at the moment and can't check the error). I've mapped 3D objects before and am familiar with the concept of UVs, but I'm wondering if it's normal for these "out of the box" meshes to be throwing UV errors.

    Off the top of my head, some of the meshes that were causing this were the big generator-looking thing with blue lights, and the statue used in this example:

    Did I get a corrupt installation or something? It is only happening on certain static meshes.


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    Yes, it's normal for the UVs which are used for texture to overlap. It's the lightmap UVs that may not overlap (unless you want for some weird reason each instance of the mesh to use same shadow). You can see that each stock mesh should have two UV sets.


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      OK, thanks. So I shouldn't be concerned that I'm getting those errors when rendering in UDK then? It won't prevent a the final packaging process or anything like that down the road?

      I was just surprised since these were stock meshes from the UDK kit (and the tutorial got no errors when using the same meshes, such as this little light that I attached a screenshot of).


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        Originally posted by ekoo View Post
        OK, thanks. So I shouldn't be concerned that I'm getting those errors when rendering in UDK then? It won't prevent a the final packaging proces down the road?
        I have not stumbled upon any problems with that, but you may want to double check it.


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          Helps if I attach link the image... Error next to the little light causing it:

          I'd just like to be sure before moving forward with too much work on building a level.


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            That means your lightmap uv have overlaps. Not the texture. If it's not noticeable, then it may be a minor or hidden overlap and choose to ignore. If it's causing artifacts on your mesh, you should resolve it. Since it's stock mesh, unless you changed the lightmap coordinate index, I'd assume the first case and just ignore it.


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              OK, thank you both for your input.


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                I have checked that mesh in question, it indeed has an overlapping UV face in the lightmap UV. I guess it's just to ignore it, but normally you'd like to avoid that when you are making custom meshes.


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                  I appreciate you checking, good to know it's not just me. Thanks again, I appreciate the help.