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First draft of new level

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    First draft of new level

    UPDATED: 3/17/12

    Added new static meshes into the level

    Less fog

    less linear path. still needs lighting and enemies to make the scale seem smaller than it is.


    this is the first draft of a level for a slightly futuristic action platformer i am working on in class.

    the premise of the level, is that your character is searching for answers after his aircraft is shot out of the sky. I wanted to use the fog to create a dark atmosphere and to show the user that the city is far away.

    I focused on getting the front area of the level detailed, the back half is barren for now, since it uses more 3ds Max assets.

    This building is where he ends up. I still have to place cues to direct the player to the end, as well as turrets and fences. I also need to update the building with custom collisions and a door to block the entrance.

    for futuristic, add up some neons, metal looking objects to your cityscape and building. city building needs futuristic lights. and is it water stream beneath rock? try to convert it in to a channel or flood drain type mesh.


      That looks sick man


        it looks nice, but the fog in and around the city makes it look quite underwatery. It would work to show it was far away if the player never see's it close up or from an elevated view like in your third screenie


          thanks for the replies. Im almost done with the level and added a few changes. have to add more lighting though. I think i may have to lower the fog to show more of the level ahead