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Changing character mesh with keyboard

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    Changing character mesh with keyboard

    So long story short I am in the process of making a plat former game. I am making an ultra-realistic looking world, but you control a 2d cartoon character. I made this character through a plane cube and a translucent material of a cartoon. I made different animated materials (walk, jump,) so Now the question; Is there a way in UDK to make the pawn (character) change to a different material when you press the left and right walking keys (a or d). It doesn't matter what it takes even if it means making it so that the pawn changes its whole skeletal mesh when you press the keys, I just need to know a way to make it so it can play the flipbook material of him walking when I walk around. I am guessing it has to be through kismet or messing with the developer files if someone can just lead me in the right direction that would be awesome

    Thanks a bunch!

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      Write some exec function and bind that function to some button. Now put Mesh.SetSkeletalMesh(NewSkelMesh); inside that function.


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          If you prefer kismet you can open DefaultInput.ini and find

          and change it to something like:

          .Bindings=(Name="A",Command="GBA_StrafeLeft | causeevent ChangeColour")
          and in kismet create a Console Event node: New Event > Console Event and call it ChangeColour.

          You can then hook this up to play a matinee to smoothly change the colour with a Vector Material track.

          I think that should work.