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3ds Max to UDK unit size

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    Maybe this video can help you out?

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    3ds Max to UDK unit size

    Can someone break this down for me because after looking extensively into it I've still got a few questions.

    1 unit in 3ds Max = 1 unit in UDK which means 1 tiny square in Max = 1 tiny square in UDK? With that in mind if I want to match the scaling of a modular asset or any flat asset for that matter I need to adjust the Grid Spacing and Major Lines in 3ds Max. This is where I'm unsure of what each term means. Grid Spacing adjusts the spacing of the squares? So what does it mean to have a Grid Spacing of 16, 32, 64, etc? I assume that having to have a Grid Spacing at a power of 2 means Major Lines have to always be set to 8.

    If the Grid Spacing 16 and the Major Lines was set to 8 then the highlighted section is essentially 128 units.

    I don't have these bold lines to separate where every set of 8 or whatever Grid Spacing you set it to. I found out it's because I have the UI scheme set to the dark layout, but if I switch it back to the light one I can see the bold lines. Is there a fix to this because I like the dark layout better.