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Painting fallen leaves in Foliage mode?

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    Painting fallen leaves in Foliage mode?

    Hello all,

    I would very much like to be able to "paint" some fallen leaves among my scene. I have successfully made and implemented a decal actor of fallen leaves but would like to be able to distribute them along the lines of foliage in the foliage editor.

    Sooo, instead I imported a plane and put a fallen-leaves material on it (BLEND_Translucent, MLM_Phong) and then dropped that static object into Foliage. I now able to paint those fallen-leaves planes all around my scene. Cool!

    Unfortunately however I am getting a great deal of Z-fighting in-game.

    Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Am I on the wrong tack for distributing my leaves, or is it a matter of material settings to prevent my sorting issue?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Recommend using BLEND_Masked instead , and having the opacity map , connected to Opacity_Masked in the material ,
    this will eliminate a lot of the sorting issues that Translucency has , although still has the same performance cost around the translucent areas.
    to remedy this be sure to cut the plane as close as possible to the actual opaque leaf parts , adding more geo if needed is more cost efficient, and can then make the leaves be curved /curled.
    would be interested to see some screenshots


      Thanks CorvaenOboros! The leaves now work in *some* spots. There are some places on my Landscape-Terrain that the leaves still blip out. I wonder if I should move the planes pivot down just a touch in max to raise the plane up a bit above the ground as I think I'm probably getting co-planar surfaces or some jive.

      Good idea on the cut-outs. I'll try to post a shot when I get it sorted (heh) out.

      Thanks again!

      *EDIT* Booya! Moving the pivot down worked like a charm.


        Why don't you use decal actors instead? It worths the performance saving cost.


          Originally posted by ThePriest909 View Post
          Why don't you use decal actors instead? It worths the performance saving cost.
          Experimenting really. Looking for a way to "paint" my leaves along the landscape. Performance issues duly noted.