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Character dies after big fall - how do I stop this from happening?

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    Character dies after big fall - how do I stop this from happening?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm making a level where you have to take a BIG fall down a well, which basically is a hollow cylinder with Z= 8096. The idea is that you survive the fall and land in the middle of a big room.

    However, every time the character hits the floor dies instantaneously and have to restart the level. I don't think it has to do with the killZ, since right now it is set in -1000000 and the same happens with the default value.
    • How do I this stop my character from dying?

    Thanks for your time!!

    If you know how to use a little bit of UScript in UTPawn there are some MaxFallSpeed values which you could change which may not damage your pawn as much.

    A kismet alternative could be to turn on God mode as a console command when you're dropping and turn it back off. You'd create a console command when you touch a trigger at the top and type in God as the command, then when you touch the floor just send out that action again which should turn it off.

    Or you could just put a volume at the bottom which slows the player down (Like a water volume without the water).

    I'm sure there are a few different ways you could do it, just see what works best for you.


      Have you tried using a physics volume that has some upward force? (Low gravity more or less)


        You can setup some kismet logic to do this in multiple ways.

        Option 1 - Setup a trigger(touch volume) at the well and use the console command 'god' to make him invincible. Place a second trigger at the bottom of the well turning off god mode.

        Option 2 - Use a cutscene, have a camera go down the well, teleport the player to the bottom of the well at the end of the scene.


          God mode is the best solution in my opinion. without delving into code. Although the second solution that eridan suggested has the bonus of being potentially more cinematic.


            Ok, I've tried to do the console command trick using Kismet. This is how it looks like on the Kismet editor:

            However, the character still dies after falling. I've made sure the player touches the trigger. I assume this happens because there's no target for the console command. I've tried using the Player Start object, but it tells me there's no handler for the event. What should I do so the console command works properly?

            Thanks for the great help everyone!


              Nevermind, I already figured it out.

              In Kismet I double-clicked, New Variable -> Player -> Player, set it as the Target of the Console Command and presto!

              Now, just for cinematic flavor, I'd like to remove the "God Mode on" that is displayed on the screen whenever this is activated. Is there any way to do this? I've already tried using the properties of Console Command in Kismet but the message is still displayed.

              Thanks for everything!