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    Post process materials

    Hey guys.. This question very likely will come across as too vague but, I'll ask it none the less.. Looking around the forums at some of the great post process materials being creating (bleach bypass, hdr tonemapping, depth based antialiasing, lens distortion etc.), iv been very curious about where to start in terms of creating these in the material editor.. My question is, what would be a good starting point, after researching the theory behind each effect, to begin trying to implement them as materials.

    I am familiar with the material editor and am able to create some simple effects , such as depth based scene saturation, but I'm at a loss as to how to implement other common effects by manipulating the scene texture. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    The answer is simple, you've got to make a post process chain.
    Then create a new node for material effects and link it.
    But obviously, you've got have the material and you will need to test again and again to check the tiling of the material on the camera and all that sort of things.

    Best of Luck.

    p.s. the material will have some special properties which you will need to check out on the udn.


      Oh! I forgot, you will need to link the post process chain in the world properties of your level.


        Thanks for the reply.. I'm actually very familiar with post process chains, I was more asking about any resources or help in physically creating these effects in the material editor, and not so much in terms of how to set up the pp chain.

        Does anyone have any advice as to where I can learn the specifics about things like bleach bypass, cross processing etc? Or any personal insight?

        Edit: is it just a process of trying to replicate, say the Photoshop implementation of an effect by using nodes in the material editor? Or an I way off here?


          Hm if you're willing to spend money, has very good though rather pricy tutorial videos.