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Lighting Build Failed after adding a lot more grass??

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    Lighting Build Failed after adding a lot more grass??

    Hi there,

    I am working on a final project for my school and I really need help. I am doing a semi large VCTF map and I added grass on a quarter of my map and the lighting build was fine just took awhile. Then yesterday I add more grass to put about 3/4 ofgrass on my map when I went to build the lighting build failed and said check log? I think its due to too much foilage maybe?? my computer cant handle it??

    Please help my final project is due soon. p.s. is this bad for my computer when trying to build the lighting and failing? video card? processor?

    Thank you

    The lighting rebuild fails because there is so much to calculate in limited resources.
    I should advice you to delete all the grass static meshes and make use of material which is very very cheap.
    If you want some extra detail you can always make a normal map and use and use some good resolution textures.

    Best of luck.


      yeah. you can see log of swarm and I sure you will have OUT OF MEMORY. so, you need more RAM, 8-16GB is the best...