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ReCast navmesh generation - delight and wtf

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    ReCast navmesh generation - delight and wtf

    This is great! we looked into this package as standalone to generate manually imported mesh, but the integration is a dream come true.
    just thought id post here to highlight its awesome and also some of its initially percieved fail...
    • recast generates whole maps worth of navmesh in seconds rather than hours.
    • recast navmesh is vastly more optimised and clean than the old navmesh, meaning a lot less work for ai routines.
    • can do up to 4096x pylons now, covering ground much better in terrain maps.
    • recast isnt picky about where your pylons are - old navmesh they had to be clear of obstacles and snapped to grid - recast will build from pylons suspended in the air

    couple of things have taken me aback tho -
    • MaxPolyHeightOptional prop seems to be ignored by recast. we'll be investigating how much access we have to its scout params but the fill method on recast pylons has led to some weird misinterpretation of where the floor is - sometimes it starts building navmesh on TOP of corridoors even when the pylon is securely placed on the floor of the corridoor. havent found a way round this without messing with the scout yet.
    • no access to params at all for the artists? cmon lads. give us the tools and we'll finish the jorb.
    • using recast seems to have a higher incidence of random editor crash (the old navmesh gen was pretty crashy too, but recast seems to have a 50% fail chance on any build, partial or full) - but even including reboot and lost work time, this is so. much. faster.

    so hooray for recast. im sure Jetfire our technical lead can knock the details into shape for our project - but it would be nice for others to have artist access to scout params - perhaps even per-pylon - so that navmesh can finally be useful to artists without lots of code support.