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How do you make the "example" scenes work (such as Jazz, Citadel & Courtyard)

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    You enable mobile features, you wait for the shaders to be compiled (5-15 minutes, UED might appear frozen during this), you click play.

    Simple as that.

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  • How do you make the "example" scenes work (such as Jazz, Citadel & Courtyard)

    When you open these maps, you can clearly see that they are supposed to do something more interesting than act as a static enviroment the player can walk around. This is PARTICULARLY evident with maps such as Jazz Jackrabbit. On most of these maps though, when you click the play button, all you can do is walk around, and on Jazz, you can see that a game TRIES to start, but you cant do anything, your just stuck there. How are you supposed to play this game, or ANY of the mobile examples? Please dont tell me you have to plug an iPhone into the USB to play these things?

    Up until now I wasn't really interested in these maps (although Citadel was really nice). However, recently I've been following a tutorial, which, on the final stage, asks us to use the Jazz game as a template. Well, I cant do this, because for me, the Jazz game doesn't do anything at all, you cant even get past the "How to" screen.

    I looked through all the gametypes in the "world properties" but theres nothing like "JazzGame" in there.

    This might sound like stupid question to people who have already made this work, but to me, who has never had the need to before, its actually an important question.


    Edit: Trying to run the game in "Mobile Mode" just brings up an error message
    "Error compiling shader [DefaultPixelShader - 0x300_0x200000000000000]: Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors:-

    0: Starting line number for errors in code-generated defines
    1000: Starting line number for errors in Prefix_Common.msf
    2000: Starting line number for error in Prefix_[PixelVertex]Shader.msf
    10000: Starting line number for errors in main shader source file

    Would you like to recompile the shader? (selecting no will crash the app)"
    Well, selecting YES, just endlessly brings up the same error message, so what CHOICE do I have LOL?

    What does this error mean, why isn't the shader able to compile, and why wont it let me RE-compile it? Is this a DX11 only game or something? I've got a fairly capable card which can run all the latest games without much trouble at all, so I dont see how it could be a hardware issue.

    Trying to "Emulate Mobile Features" starts a little dialogue saying something about shaders, and "MOBU" or something like that, then the program just hangs forever until you "end task". If you leave it running for TOO long, even the Task Manager stops responding...

    Also, its trying to use a GIG of RAM! Is that normal? I didn't think smart phones even HAD that much RAM...

    How do you make the **** thing do what its supposed to LOL!!!???