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door opens incorrecty (resolved)

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  • door opens incorrecty (resolved)

    Hey guys

    i'm trying to make a door open
    i've placed the interpactor, given it a trigger and created a kismit for the trigger
    I then open matinee create the new group, and add a new movement track.
    I set it at two seconds and pressed enter with the "time tracker" it asks for key movement one at which point i move the door to the desired open point. I press stop to reset, then press play and it does nothing until it hits that key, it then shows completely open, so it shows no movement until the time bar hits the key point.
    i've checked a few tut's on door opening and done as they have said, tried moving door to desired open point before clicking enter for key movement one and tried doing it after got same result, i found that i can create multiple key movement points and adjust the door manually to open gradually at each point but it's jerky to say the least, i would love to know what i am doing incorrectly. thanks for your help

    sorry if i am not in the right forum, and if my typing is not the best >.<

    in the other tut's they did not have to place a key point at the start, it seems that by placing key movement point 0 at start my self it resolves the problem