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Problem with material in my landscape...

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  • Problem with material in my landscape...


    I`m sorry, but i don't speak english very well

    I have a problem with landscape. My landscape:

    So as You cen see, the material/textures in my moutain in some places is so much longer and it is no realistic. I'm thinking, problem is in mesh or uv mapping in my landscape... But... i don't know where i cen change uv mapping in it .

    I build the terrain in 'landsape tool' in UDK use brusches. I would like the size material in My moutain will be the same...

    Thanks for answer!

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    This is the Material I am using for my landscape! Notice the Box named World Coordinate 3 way ....this where you plug in the Texture that is used on the steep mountains. Then use the scaler Parameter to adjust it. I am just learning myself if anyone else has a better way or more input please feel free. I'd like to see a good solid POST on Materials for the Landscape!


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      I don't have the editor in front of me but in the terrain coords look for fields that let you choose xz, yz, xy and those will give you the three planar projection choices.