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Need assistance with level streaming.....

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  • Need assistance with level streaming.....

    We have 3 maps that we are trying to stream. My main level is an outdoor level, once you start you go to the observatory and as you enter the hallway you go to a trigger touch event and it streams level to a dungeon level. It works fine. From there the player goes through the dungeon touches another trigger volume and streams back to the outdoor level. This is where I'm stuck. The outdoor level is the persistent level and it won't allow me to go back to it from the dungeon. My theory is you can not go back to a persistent level. So I created a map of the out door level named it something similar used that map. When I try this it streams to the new level, but the player is still in the dungeon level and did not go to the new player start for the outdoor level. Why is this? What do I need to do for a player to go to start in an outdoor level, go to a dungeon level, back to the outdoor level again and continue in this fashion as he goes to other building where other dungeon levels are located?

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    oh and these levels there are different player start positions


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      Make the persistent level "empty" (except for things that need to be there, like streaming volumes). The outside and the dungeon should be in their own sublevels each, then you load/unload them using volumes or kismet - the persistent level never changes.


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        Well here is what I have done in the meantime I followed the Mastering Unreal Technology tutorial, I have the persistent being the black screen and then going to my outdoor level, works almost fine (says something to do deal with my enemies I made), then the player goes into the observatory and the dungeon loads, then goes back to the outdoor level, and looks like it is going to work but udk crashes. Any idea why?