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In regards to checkpoints.....

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  • In regards to checkpoints.....

    I've made my checkpoints using trigger volumes, and everything seems to work fine, but when I have ended game and closed down UDK then go back in it is still spawning me at my last checkpoint. How do I make multiple checkpoints and have it save while playing, but reload from begining if I have ended the game?

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    What checkpoint system have you used?


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      Basicly I simple one using a trigger volume and then 2 toggles with player starts as variables so the way it s designed is trigger volume touched into toggle on, toggle on linked with player start for first check point, that toggle into new toggle off original player starting position linked to it. Then repeat process for this for all remaining check points. Its similar to the one at this link,


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        That setup cannot save, it is impossible.

        All I can think of is that, you must have somehow managed to set it up wrong, so that it always starts with the last player start, and started from the beginning with the "Play from here" feature first time you used it.

        Show your setup and/or make sure you haven't messed up somewhere, it's an easy mistake if your kismet is large.


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          actually I figured this out one of my players was still on primary start, fixed it though