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    As part of my Final Year Porject at Uni I'm doing a fire effect in UDK using Cascade. The actual footage is going to be of a room where a small fire starts in the corner and then takes over the room. This is where I needs someones help. I'm having real problems with trying to get the particles to stay within the confines of the room. I just can't seem to get them to stay place for some reason. I want them to look like something like this (the clip that starts at 15 seconds. I know my way around cascade so explaining anything in that should be understood by me but anything to do with shaders then you've lost me so please explain them in the simplest way possible!

    I'm using the September 2011 build of UDK.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Hrmm I'd like to see some footage to see what you're talking about. But some starting points, how are you getting your particle systems inside of your level? Are they just placed? Or is it attached to something? Or is this via a matinee sequence?

    What modules are you using inside of Cascade that involve movement? Maybe something like acceleration or inherit parent velocity could cause something like this off the top of my mind.


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      fire must fill the room?


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        @wkladis I haven't got any footage yet but the module I've been using is mainly Velocity/Life. So just say I have the particles going straight up for a certain amount of time, and then start going right, then down and so on, but I could never get this to work. Instead of going right it would just go up and then disappear. Probably user error on my behalf but I haven't had time to try anything else just yet.

        @redbox Yes fire fills the room along with smoke. Much like this video

        I'm essentially just recreating something very similar to that video for my project.

        Thanks for the replies,