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Water Manipulation

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  • Water Manipulation

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering is it possible to manipulate water by other elements, in this case wind. In my scene I have wind turbines and I want each one to have an effect on water movement near them. I thought a radial force actor might do it but I just cant seem to get them to work? Can anyone guide me on this or give me any other idea's. I'm relatively new to udk so take it easy!!

    keep up the good work.

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    Sorry for the bump, but any suggestions would be very welcome??
    For instance are there any ways to connect a radial force actor to a fluid surface to create motion in the water??

    I know the influence actor does this but I need it so that a placed model in the scene would automatically create these waves.


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      I don't think there's a way to "connect" the properties of a radial force actor to a fluid surface. not without unrealscript anyway
      a fluid influence actor should do the trick though. place it, configure it and it will create the waves. you'll of course need to place a fluid influence actor every time you place one of the turbines


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        Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know fluid influence actors would do the trick but Im just wondering is there any way at all to connect them or a radial force actor to a static mesh, so that when the mesh is placed in the scene the water will automatically be affected. This is more for a simulation than a game level.

        Anyone else!?


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          I dont know about real water, but you can use the wind node in the material and use that one to controll the direction of the panner, then that texture will be used to pan the height map in the direction the wind is going to. use the height map for the worldoffset input to creat the real waves that are moving to that direction. however you dont have real interaction any more if you do it this way. maby you can apply the material to the real fluidsurface, but i never tryed that.