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Liquid Physics possible?

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    Liquid Physics possible?

    I'm thinking of manipulating small pools of liquid with point-gravity systems over a 3d level in first person.
    I got the effect set up pretty neat, using a few barrels so far - But I just figured I have no idea how to create a watery looking object for this.

    Is there any good examples of liquid physics in udk-games?
    It doesn't need to be extremely "watery", something amongst the lines of "pixel junk shooter" -> Youtube link! would do plenty. (Watery physics starts from about 0:20 seconds)

    Could squares of softbodies be the answer? I am not really sure what kind of system I would need to manipulated them (they need to get added together and splitted apart based on the physics..)

    Anyone got any ideas whatsoever?

    The closest you'll come to water physics is liquid surfaces (just waves on physical impulses) and some advanced materials. There's no physical liquid in UDK.


      Yea that's pretty much what I expected, thanks for your answer tho.

      I think I will try using softbodies to simulate metaballs, but it might get really heavy on the calculations..
      With a nice advanced material, and some small particle effects I think it could work (sort of?)
      To simulate it making floor wet or so I guess I could spray decals all over.

      If anyone has any other ideas, or any specific ideas on how to create what I'm talking about, that would be great.

      Heres a link to what I initially was thinking of: Youtubelink - Fluid/metaball


        You can use force actors or force fields whatever they're called(I haven't been on UDK in awhile) to give the appearance of the water actually having buoyancy. The only problem I have found with this method is you cannot stand on top of things "floating".


          You need loads of particles for that.

          the force fields are a good solution and you can use the water volume for 'floating'.

          Best of luck.