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UDK Grass tutorial

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  • UDK Grass tutorial

    Hey guys!

    I just put together a tutorial on how to create some really good looking grass models for use with UDK (or any other engine really) that are low poly but also look a lot better than the typical billboard design.

    Part 2 which will detail importing to UDK and material setup with a wind effect will be up just as soon as I can figure out why the videos I recorded aren't rendering (they play in VLC but both Premiere and Camtasia Studio crash when I try to export and so did Super when I tried to convert them).

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    That's a lot of triangles, especially when painting it across a large area. Have you tried this in a production setting? I'm curious about the performance, with everything else going on.

    Edit... same issue with this guy's tutorial.


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      It runs smoothly on my system. I wouldn't suggest using this for fields and fields of grass, but its definitely decent for a small to medium sized area. The instancing that the foliage system uses seems to really help as well.


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        Good tutorial, nice for some people to know. Can't say its anything new though. I use grass similar to this in my UDK project.

        Nice tutorial though


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          Thank you.

          Yes, its obviously directed at beginners