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Movers not working in multiplayer!

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    have you tried spawn points or triggers instead of level loaded?.

    i assume it has something to do with the players not seeing the start /level loaded.on single player you as the host will activate level loaded. i think you would need a config/script file so the dedicated server runs the code at the level loaded stage.
    i havnt done any multiplayer based things yet, but i assume level loaded doesnt work like singleplayer maps.

    if triggers work make a huge trigger that covers map so any spawned players activate it. iam guessing so hopefully others can add what u should do.:}/

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  • started a topic Movers not working in multiplayer!

    Movers not working in multiplayer!

    I have a kismet setup with two movers and neither will work in a dedicated server environment. They only work in single player or a listen server hosted match.